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Hogue Ruger Redhawk Rubber Monogrip, Black

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Hogue makes a wide variety of revolver grips to fit most modern Double and Single Action revolvers.

The one-piece Monogrip®, truly being one-piece, with a single insert has no mismatched seam to come apart. And of course, Hogue’s rubber revolver grips have all the features that made the Hogue Monogrip famous.


Monogrip features include orthopedic handshape, proportioned finger grooves, (real finger grooves, not just small nonfunctional bumps) and they are fully relieved for speedloaders.

These patented features add up to better accuracy and more comfortable shooting whether in competition, field, or actual combat shooting. Many championship shooters, as well as law enforcement officers, use, and praise Hogue grips. Hogue grips have been widely accepted and used for years by law enforcement agencies and as original equipment by most leading handgun manufacturers.

The Hogue Monogrip one-piece revolver grips were designed and patented by Guy Hogue, a retired L.A.P.D. shooting instructor and armorer. Guy, a perfectionist, was never satisfied with the way two-piece revolver grips mount and fit, even when custom made. The answer... a one-piece grip that mounts from the bottom. Trademarked Monogrip, the one-piece design eliminates the short-comings of traditional two-piece grips. This single piece grip slides on revolver frames from the bottom, requiring no modifications of the firearm.

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