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Dynarex Disposable Bed Chuck Underpads

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$16.67 to $62.00
$16.67 to $62.00


Dynarex Disposable Bed Chuck Underpads

Elevate Your Incontinence Care with Dynarex Underpads: A Must-Have for Emergency Medical Professionals

In the high-pressure world of emergency medical care, precision and reliability are paramount. That's why Dynarex proudly presents our premium-quality Underpads—designed with the unique needs of ambulance stretcher use and the often messy realities of patient care in mind.

Key Benefits:

Unrivaled Fluid Protection: When patients get "messy," you need a solution that rises to the occasion. Dynarex Underpads are waterproof and purpose-built to deliver effective fluid protection, ensuring that you can maintain a hygienic and controlled environment.

Ambulance Stretcher Compatibility: Whether you're transporting patients or providing care on the go, these Underpads are the perfect companion for your ambulance stretcher. They're crafted to fit seamlessly and offer dependable protection during transit.

Enhanced Absorption: With a 2-ply tissue fill, Dynarex Underpads offer superior liquid absorption. This means you can trust them to handle even the most challenging situations, providing patients with the comfort and dignity they deserve.

Leakage Prevention: The non-skid backing, sealed on all four sides, is your frontline defense against unwanted leaks. Minimize the risk of messy situations and focus on delivering quality care with confidence.

Disposable and Convenient: Dynarex Underpads are designed for single-use, ensuring optimal hygiene and convenience. When the situation demands a quick cleanup, you'll have a reliable solution at your fingertips.

Latex-Free: Rest easy knowing that Dynarex Underpads are not made with natural rubber latex, making them safe for all patients.

Part #SizeQty per BagBag(s) per Case
DYN134017" X 24" Tissue Fill underpads1003
DYN134623" X 36" (60 grams) underpads503
DYN134830" X 36" (90 grams) underpads502

When seconds count and lives are on the line, trust in Dynarex Underpads to provide the dependable fluid protection and incontinence care you need. Elevate your standard of care today, because in your profession, excellence is the only option.

Equip your team with the best. Order Dynarex Underpads now and experience the difference.

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