Interstate Arms Corp is a 40+ year-old wholesale distributor supplying licensed firearm dealers nationwide with firearms and related products. Specialties include handguns, home defense guns, used guns and military-style weapons.

We are also a leading distributor of law enforcement equipment. Dealers are invited to contact our sales staff to become an Interstate Arms Public Safety Dealer. Our Public Safety Dealers receive enhanced products and extra discounts for their law enforcement officers, active military personnel and security customers.

If you are a member of the law enforcement community (active/reserve/retired public safety officers; active & retired sheriff deputies; active/reserve/retired military personnel; National Guard; fire, EMT’s & TSA personnel; private security firms & officers; federal agents; district attorney’s and judges), please contact our Law Enforcement sales team and enjoy outstanding customer service.


Sales Manager - Stefanie Chiaradonna

Dave Guilbault - Acct. Manager
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Tim Henshaw - Acct. Manager
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Roger Blundell - Acct. Manager
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Harry Durkin - Acct. Manager
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Mike Bracci - Acct. Manager
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Aaron Klein - Acct. Manager
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Become an Interstate Arms dealer and increase your profits by taking advantage of our competitive pricing, competitive shipping policy and our substantial inventory of used police trade-ins.

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