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SABRE Pepper Gel with Flip Top Hard Case

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Pepper Gel with Flip Top Finger Grip for Enhanced Control

Flip Top design is perfect if you need more control over your pepper gel—just flip the top up and press the button underneath to deploy. This feature lets you deploy pepper gel quickly and easily, and includes a hand grip for enhanced control. While it requires less pressure to dispense the gel, this model also prevents accidental discharge.

To maximize your comfort and safety, pepper gel virtually eliminates wind blowback with no in-air atomization, meaning it only affects the target/person it directly contacts. Gel also offers a 20% greater range than traditional pepper spray—this model sprays 12 feet (4 m). It’s also safe to use indoors, as it won’t spread through HVAC systems and is designed not to affect others in the immediate area.

MAXIMUM STOPPING POWER: In-house laboratory guarantees maximum heat, every single time, eliminating the 30% failure rate experience with other pepper spray brands (University of Utah study) plus UV marking dye aids in suspect identification

#1 PEPPER SPRAY BRAND TRUSTED BY POLICE AND CONSUMERS WORLDWIDE: Including New York, Chicago PD, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s & US Marshals; made in the USA and ISO 9001:2008 certified with a 4-year shelf life from the date of manufacture

ENHANCED SAFETY: Pepper gel virtually eliminates wind blow-back and only affects what it directly contacts, plus it offers a 20% greater range (12 feet/4 m) for protection at a safer distance

PROTECTION AGAINST MULTIPLE THREATS: Contains 25 bursts (up to 5x other brands) in a compact key case with finger grip for enhanced aim and product retention, plus the flip top safety mechanism prevents accidental discharge  

FREE TRAINING: Packaging includes link to free training video in addition to publicly available safety tips on SABRE's blog

Note: State laws prohibit shipment of this model to: AK, DC, HI, MA, & NY

Formulations: Heat, Strength and the Law

Because human pepper sprays are not government-regulated, manufacturers can make unchecked, exaggerated claims implying their sprays are more effective than they are.
The truth is that SABRE is the only pepper spray manufacturer that controls and guarantees formula strength! SABRE's exclusive HPLC (High Performance Liquid Chromatography) Guarantee means their pepper sprays never fail due to inconsistent heat levels. No other brand can make the same claim.
So don't be fooled by misleading numbers.

Know that the following claims could be deceiving:
OC Percentage
Some brands hope you believe a higher OC percentage means a more effective spray. But this number only measure the amount of pepper within the spray, not the heat strength or effectiveness.
Scoville Heat Units (SHU)
Some brands advertise the SHU of the raw pepper, not of the pepper spray formulation. The SHU of the raw peppers is highly diluted in the pepper spray formula, and therefore not an accurate indicator of strength.
Major capsaicinoids are the true heat measure and can only be guaranteed through High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) testing - and, again, we're the only brand that does. The only portion of pepper sprays that are government regulated (by the EPA & Health Canada) are animal pepper sprays. Dog sprays range from 0.25% to 1.0% major capsaicinoids and bear sprays range from 1.0% to 2.0% major capsaicinoids.

WARNING: Do not purchase pepper spray without checking its content of major capsaicinoids.


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