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Remington Golden Saber Bonded Cartridges, 45 Auto, 185gr Case of 500

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Remington's Golden Saber Bonded Cartridges punch through barriers and deliver superior terminal performance.

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Loaded in the USA, these bonded cartridges include all the revolutionary features that make Golden Saber rounds the leading edge in tactical handgun rounds, along with the unmatched barrier-penetration performance of our special bonded-bullet design.

Through an exclusive Remington process, the lead core of each cartridge is hot-bonded to the brass jacket for enhanced durability. The reduced bullet nose diameter for precise bore alignment and match-grade accuracy. The cartridge requires less energy to initiate expansion; the jacket stiffness and wall thickness are optimized to eliminate over-expansion, thus maximizing penetration. The cartridge also features exceptional weight retention -- up to 97% through auto glass.

  • Bullet: Brass-Jacketed Hollow Point, Bonded
  • Cartridge: 45 Auto
  • Weight: 185gr
  • Velocity (ft/s):
    • Muzzle: 1015
    • 25 Yards: 981
    • 50 Yards: 951
  • Energy (ft-lb)
    • Muzzle: 423
    • 25 Yards: 395
    • 50 Yards: 371
  • Mid-Range Trajectory (in):
    • 25 Yards: 0.3
    • 50 Yards: 1.1
  • Quantity: 50 Rounds/Box, 10 Boxes/Case

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