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Phenix TL-2 Traditional Leather Firefighting Helmet, Natural

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$1,304.00 to $1,408.50
$1,304.00 to $1,408.50
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Tradition for the 21st Century Firefighter. Phenix Technology turns the best of yesterday into the best of today.

The Phenix Traditional Leather Helmet. A perfect fit for the firefighter who wants the unmatched vintage look and surprising performance of real leather. Made even better with today’s most advanced Fire Helmet technology. These exceptional helmets may be the most protection money can buy — even in today’s dollars.

Leather made even better. Phenix Technology makes its leather helmet shells from only the finest top grain cowhide. This exceptionally strong, flexible leather provides the traditional look that so many firefighters cherish. But that’s where the resemblance to 19th Century fire helmets ends.

Firefighting has changed. PPE has changed accordingly. Even leather has changed. Phenix found that a leather helmet kept soft and flexible will stand as much or more abuse than the early leather helmets and even more than many of today’s finest modern composites.

So instead of recreating the rock-hard leather helmets of yesterday, Phenix uses modern vegetable tanning techniques to add a degree of flexibility to the longer, rear brim so it will flex when hit by falling objects rather than snap the firefighter’s neck.

And because the raised crossover beams are more resilient, they also provide added protection when struck from above. It also keeps the leather from cracking—so you can expect old-fashioned value as well.

  • Choice of eye protection: Goggles only, Bourkes only, or Goggles and Bourkes
  • Top grade veg-tanned leather shell with commemorative 9-11 filigree design
  • High-temperature thermoplastic dome
  • Exclusive Phenix suspension liner with ratchet system is fully adjustable from size 6-1/2 to 8-1/2
  • Combination Nomex chinstrap with both postman slide and quick-release buckle
  • Eight 3M lime-yellow NFPA reflective tetrahedrons

Advanced comfort. Phenix gives its traditional design the same low center of gravity, reduced profile, and ergonomic correctness that make modern style Phenix helmets feel lighter, more stable, and simply more comfortable. With its popular ratcheting adjustment system, the exclusive Phenix suspension liner lets you simply dial in a precise fit with the helmet on.

In seconds, with one hand, you can adjust the size to accommodate a hood, SCBA mask, or just the changes that come from exertion and long periods in high temperatures. It means you’ll always enjoy the advanced comfort and superior fit that has made Phenix helmets such a popular choice, in any style.

Dependable protection. The tough, veg-tanned leather shell is not only resilient, it’s made even tougher with a high temperature fire-retardant paint specially formulated for leather products. lf scraped or gouged, it will show wear, but the paint is easily touched up—and for most firefighters who appreciate leather, it just adds to the rugged patina.

The flexible NOMEX stitching and will withstand heavy abuse. And the leather shell can be cleaned with mild dish soap and a soft cotton cloth.

You can depend on your traditional leather helmet to deliver dependable protection and lasting good looks. It’s strong, flexible, exceptionally fire-resistant, and surprisingly lightweight. That protection only starts there. The injection-molded thermoplastic inner shell, with its closed-cell foam impact cap, offers such a high level of impact and thermal protection, that it can pass all the compliancy requirements for a structural fire helmet by itself.

Choose your eye protection

NFPA 1971: 2013 certified Goggles attach to pre-installed low-profile under-brim mounting posts for reliable NFPA-compliant eye protection. The goggles can be snapped on and off of the posts, or stowed on the front or rear of the helmet, in seconds.

OSHA-compliant Bourke-style flip-down eyeshields. Phenix Traditional Helmets can be ordered with clear flip-down eyeshields made by one of the most respected makers in the industry. These popular protective eye shields can be deployed in an instant with one finger of your gloved hand. No other eyeshield design is so easy to put into place, or move out of the way. And flip-downs are always in perfect position, always perfectly deployed. No accidental creeping down, no nose digging, no fogging problems, no interference with ear covers. And they work over eyeglasses. No adjustments necessary.

NOTE: Phenix no longer installs flip downs on NFPA compliant helmets and must be installed by customer after purchase.

Note: OSHA-compliant helmets cannot be made NFPA compliant at a later date.

TheFireStore Standard First Due 1500-TL2 NFPA Helmet comes equipped with:

*Standard Model TL-2 with Bourkes meets OSHA requirements.

  • Top grade veg-tanned leather shell with commemorative 9-11 filigree design
  • High temperature thermoplastic dome
  • Closed cell energy absorption impact cap
  • Exclusive Phenix suspension liner with ratchet system is fully adjustable from size 6-1/2 to 8-1/2.
  • Custom comfort pad installed on suspension liner cradles and cushions your entire forehead.
  • Black detachable 8” earlaps of Nomex and FR cotton
  • Combination Nomex chinstrap with both postman slide and quick-release buckle
  • American made brass Rising Phenix finial holds standard and wide leather 6-1/4” Leather Shields (sold separately)
  • Eight 3M lime-yellow NFPA reflective tetrahedrons
  • D-ring on rear brim for easy storage
  • Choice of eye protection:
    • Paulson Goggles with snap-on-snap-off mounting posts under brim for a low profile attachment and fast repositioning.
    • Bourke-style clear flip-down eyeshields
    • Both Paulson Goggles and Bourke-style clear flip-down eyeshields.

Note: Please include your custom bend choice in the comment section before placing your order.


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