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Fotokite Sigma Rooftop Box Configuration. w/ DC Sigma System

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Fotokite Sigma Rooftop Box Configuration. w/ DC Sigma System

The Fotokite Sigma. A Situational Awareness System for First Responders.

Focus on your mission. Drastically improve your team's situational awareness. The Fotokite Sigma allows you to gain an impressive, unobstructed overview of any incident in an instant. Live stream and document mission-critical aerial views with total operational freedom.

The Fotokite Sigma consists of the Ground Station and the Kite. A computer runs the Fotokite Live App which shows the real-time thermal and low-light video streams, giving teams actionable information throughout their mission safely and reliably; no piloting necessary.

With complete operational independence, you can live stream and document mission-critical aerial views. The Fotokite Sigma is made up of two parts: the Ground Station and the Kite. The Fotokite Live App operates on a computer and displays real-time thermal and low-light video streams, providing teams with actionable information throughout their operation safely and reliably; no piloting is required. Concentrate on your goal and improve your team's situational awareness significantly.

The Rooftop Box Configuration is Fotokite's flagship configuration, providing rapid and hands-free heightened situational awareness. The Rooftop version is designed for incorporation into SUV and heavy apparatus vehicle classes, and it deploys with a simple push of a button.

How does the Fotokite Sigma function?

  • Deployment - When you get on the site, the Fotokite Sigma is ready to go. At the touch of a button, a hands-free, automatic launch sequence is activated.
  • Elevated situational awareness - When you need it most, the intelligence collected through clear and consistent aerial overviews will give you the data you demand.

How can Fotokite help?A number of public safety departments deploy and employ the Fotokite Sigma on a daily basis in real-world missions. The key benefits of this situational awareness technology include increased team safety, increased efficiency in responding with team resource savings, and simplicity of deployment without the same safety issues and regulatory impediments as regular drones.

How can Fotokite improve your mission?Designed to satisfy the needs of public safety personnel on a daily basis. Every Fotokite Sigma includes the following characteristics that are designed to improve your safety-critical missions without adding complexity:
  • Safe and Simple Situational Awareness - Deployed with the single push of a button, Fotokite Sigma doesn't require any setup time, calibration, or piloting. Within seconds, you and your team will be able to access aerial overviews of your incident scene up to heights of 45m/150ft with the safety and reliability that public safety teams demand.
  • 24h Intelligence, On-Site and Remotely - With 24-hour flight time and without any piloting needed, Fotokite allows for true, everyday autonomous flight. This gives teams actionable information throughout their missions and unlocks the ability to capture full incident response records without interruption. An integrated mobile data modem also optionally streams both camera streams remotely to user-specified IP addresses.
  • Redundancy, Safety, and Reliability - Safety comes as standard. Fotokite provides an industrial-grade tool with propulsion, power, and autopilot redundancy built in. This provides public safety teams with the reliability and dependability they need in their everyday mission-critical tools.
  • Low Training Threshold - Launch, fly, and land the Fotokite Sigma with a single button push. Fotokite heading are controlled with a simple double-tap gesture to snap and center your objective.
  • GPS-Independent - Patented use of the tether enables GPS-independent flight and provides safe, reliable, autonomous operation throughout every mission. Further use of Fotokite's technology uniquely provides the capability to reliably launch and land from small vehicle-based enclosures day in and day-out.

Fotokite Sigma Specifications

  • Flight Time - 24 hours continuous (as long as the vehicle is running or plugged into shore power)
  • Warranty - 1-year / 200 flight hours, with optional extended warranty available
  • Servicing - Over-the-air firmware upgrades with auto flight log & service documentation
  • Log Storage - 24-hour capacity, single button-push upload to optional cloud account at the station
  • Kite - 2.6 lbs take-off weight, weather-sealed carbon fiber & advanced composites
  • Cameras - Thermal stream resolution of 320×256 / 30 fps plus an RGB stream resolution of 720p / 30 fps, 3.4MP 1/3” CMOS Sensor with 3.6mm low distortion lens
  • Ground Station - 19.85 lbs, single carry transport case configuration size: 19.85" x 13.85" x 9.05"
  • Weather Rating - 114°F to 104°F, IP55, ready to operate in rain, snow, & wind
  • Range - Max height of 150 ft from the Ground Station
  • Tether - Reinforced load-rated ultrathin cable
  • LTE Modem & Video Streaming - Ethernet + WPA2 encrypted WiFi access point for live video streaming, plus integrated LTE Modem to stream live video remotely for mutual aid and remote incident command
  • Safety & Regulations Compliant - No piloting necessary; fully autonomous launching, flight, and landing
  • Security - Secure video streaming & control link to the ground station via tether cable
  • Flight Control - Fotokite Autopilot with no GPS dependency
  • System Reliability - Auto pre-flight system checks, single-motor failure redundancy, controlled descent, a backup flight power system for up to 120 seconds, backup ground station power system for control & recovery in power blackouts, redundant flight control, tether separation detection, automatic maintenance alerts

Fotokite Live

  • Fotokite Live is the Windows App delivered with every Fotokite Sigma to provide important system information and camera video streams into a clean and easy-to-understand control interface. Fotokite Live’s simplicity is a testament to Fotokite’s unique technology and public safety focus: no joysticks are present to operate the system due to the fully autonomous capabilities of the Fotokite Sigma, allowing first responders to simply and safely operate their systems without drawing team resources or adding operational complexity.


Fotokite Sigma, Rooftop Box Assembly with DC Sigma System

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